Monday, May 24, 2010

Introducing Sarah!

Hi everyone!

I'm Sarah, mama to my wee girl Natalie, who is almost one year old already!! We live in trendy Petone with my partner, a rainbow lorikeet and five budgies (I like birds, can you tell!?).

I founded this group after thinking for ages "I really want to try out some different carriers and learn to wrap... I wish there was a Slingbabies in Wellington!" So one night I started a Facebook group and invited all my friends to join. Word spread rather quickly, and before I knew it we were having meet-ups every two weeks at local cafes. Now we are growing far beyond my wildest dreams! It is so exciting to be a part of this group, and I am so grateful for the help I have received so far from fellow babywearing parents ^_^

Natalie (5 weeks) in the Moby wrap for the first time.
We are not amused!

I started babywearing as soon as Natalie was born, though the pouch sling I had brought to the hospital with me was, unfortunately, far too big for me :( When she was five weeks old I summoned the courage to try out a stretchy wrap, which she lived in until she was three months old. I always had to wear her facing outwards, cuddles were not (and still aren't!) her thing. Then I discovered the complete joy of wearing a baby on your back, and the Manduca-love began!

Natalie (8 months) fast asleep in the Manduca on Daddy's back

The Manduca has been a lifesaver for us (yes, daddy loves to wear it too!). There was a period of a couple of months when Natalie would only have her day sleeps on our backs. I spent A LOT of time walking around - the house, the neighbourhood, the mall... and then once she was asleep, I would often sit perched on the edge of the computer chair, ready to jump up and start walking again at any sign of waking!!

Luckily, that phase is over, and we are now just regular babywearers, opting for a carrier over the pram 95% of the time. Since this group's incarnation, I have been lucky enough to try out a range of different carriers, and am currently coveting a mei tai (perhaps a half buckle...) and a woven wrap, and have plans to make my own pouch sling that actually fits (they're so easy!). But for now, the Manduca is still doing us proud!

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