Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kozy Love

It must be love!

Today I met in person Helen from Aquabub to chat and receive the Kozy Carrier she is lending Babywearing Aotearoa for our sling library.

I'm am really impressed with this carrier. I'm not sure what it is that makes this Mei Tei different, but man, it is comfortable. Its less padded then I imagined and instead is made from a sturdy cotton. The ties are nice and grippy and don't need to be tight around your waist (so no flab roll!). It would be nice if they were a bit wider through the shoulder and back to make it even more comfortable, but still, thumbs up from me!

It's a joy to feed it. Evelyn looked so comfortable nursing and fell asleep in it tonight. Tomorrow I will test it out on a bush walk and I need to find a small baby to try it on! I'm really enjoying gaining the experience of different carriers and can't wait to share the love with our soon to be members!

So, for a library update.

At this months committee meeting we decided to set a deadline to have the library up and running. This will be our August slingmeet. It does seem far away, and I'm sorry! We have set roles together, and I'm the librarian, and am flat out this month. We really want to have a strong grounding to avoid any possible miss-haps before lending carriers.

So far we have:

2 Unido pouch slings (S and M) donated from Unido
1 Kozy Carrier on loan from Aaquabub

I cant thank you two enough for your support!


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  1. I am meeting Helen in the morning, am very excited about it.... good luck with the sling library,