Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Skin2Skin wraps - new to our carrier library

We're happy to announce some other recent additions to our carrier library - two beautiful Skin2Skin stretchy wraps donated by Rhian at Skin2Skin.

Rhian aims to provide pretty and stylish wraps at affordable prices. Perfect for style-conscious mums on any budget!

The first wrap that Rhian has donated is a reversible one in the colourway Bright Blue Pacifica. It's made from a single length of high quality one-way stretch cotton fabric which ensures the perfect amount of stretch to comfortably yet securely embrace your baby. One side features a beautiful central panel in a colourful floral print while the rest of the wrap is a gorgeous purpley-blue. When the wrap is worn on the reverse side the embroidered skin2skin logo is visible at the centre but the decorative panel is unseen. So you effectively get two wraps for the price of one. Rhian's reversible wraps are usually one of a kind too so you'll stand out from the crowd.

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This wrap is the widest stretchy wrap I've ever seen - at the widest point on the middle panel it's around 53cm. The extra width and the fact it's only got one-way stretch mean that you can keep using it even as your baby gets taller and heavier. 17 month old Audrey (1o.5kg) feels light and well supported in it and I know Beth wore her 21 month old in it with no problem. The width also means this wrap is properly suitable for use in back carries. It's particularly good in a double hammock carry as this shows off the pretty middle panel.

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The other wrap, which is on temporary loan to Babywearing Wellington, is a bamboo-cotton blend reversible wrap. The main part of this wrap is made from 70% bamboo-30% cotton with a middle panel of woven bamboo and wild nettle. The fabric on this wrap is extremely soft and lightweight and will draw moisture away from you and your baby keeping you both cool. All these things make it a great choice for a summer newborn (Rhian recommends this wrap for use up to around 12 months).

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Both wraps are easy care (machine washable and dryable) and come with a detailed and easy to follow DVD and set of written instructions. They also come in their own storage pouch.

Rhian also offers plain cotton and merino wraps which are suitable for front carries only.

The wraps will be available to try out and/or hire at our slingmeets. Please come see me if you're interested. Otherwise check out Rhian's website or her Facebook page.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Be in to win a Heart to Heart Stretchy Wrap

At Babywearing Wellington we're running a competition for one lucky person to win a Heart to Heart stretchy wrap in natural colour. This is thanks to the generosity of Jackie from Baby Wrap, who has donated this beautiful and comfortable stretchy wrap. Check them out at

All you need to do to be in the draw is send us a Babywearing story by 29 April: a short paragraph or few detailing why you think you (or a friend) should get the wrap. You can use email, or send us a message on Facebook. The BWW committee will collate all stories and select by vote which one speaks 'Heart to Heart' to us the most. I can tell already that we have our work cut out for us!

The winner will be announced at our May Slingmeet, so if you enter the comp please make sure you attend on Friday 6 May at 10am at the Southern Cross in Te Aro to be able to claim your prize.

We'd love to hear more stories from our Babywearing community, and this is a wonderful opportunity to do so.

Check out the fabulous specials that Jackie has going this month - only $50 for a beautiful wrap!

I have one of these beautiful wraps myself, which was perfect for Holly as a newborn. Being cotton, it was very easy to take care of. I just threw it in the wash after one of the many messy incidents involving a number two. As Holly grew into a very bonnie baby (aka chubba bubba :)), the extra width was very handy too.

This photo is one of my earliest outings with Holly in the Heart to Heart (at just 8 days old). Fond memories of those newborn days!