Sunday, May 23, 2010

Introducing Emma!

Hi, I'm Emma and I love wrapping!

I have two children - a two year old boy and an almost 6 month old girl and I have worn both of them in wraps since they were born. I'm sure that wrapping my son turned him from a fairly high needs baby to a relaxed, confident toddler, and I've found wrapping indispensable with two under two. My daughter has most of her naps in the wrap, leaving me free to play with (or chase after) my son.

I love the versatility of wraps - with one piece of cloth you can do front, hip or back carries. They don't need adjusting from one wearer to another so my husband can use the same wrap. I've enjoyed learning heaps of different carries and finding out which ones work best for us. And, I guess I also love how pretty they are!

Hope to see you at the next slingmeet where I'll be talking more about the ins and outs of wrapping.


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