Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fact: Babywearing dads are hotter.

I really wanted to make my first post here at Babywearing Wellington count. I wanted to make it thoughtful and personal, like the other accounts here. I wanted to write something insightful and inspirational. So why have I been sitting here looking up pictures of celebrities on Google image search instead?

It started with a conversation last week with some other babywearing mamas where someone mentioned photos of Orlando Bloom with his new baby in a stretchy wrap. Several of us were previously unmoved by his supposed heartthrob status, but with his child nestled against his chest his attractiveness was significantly increased. We postulated that this might hold true for men in general, so I took to the Internet to find out. What follows is a small sample of my research.

Orlando Bloom
Babywearing improves his hair, his fashion sense and even makes his ears look smaller.

Brad Pitt
He's world renowned for being quite unfortunate looking, but babywearing actually makes him look quite good.

Gavin Rossdale
You may have wondered what Gwen sees in him, but wonder no more.

Anthony Kiedis
Demonstrates how babywearing can be a substitute for a shave, a haircut and a change of clothes in making you look presentable.

Ethan Hawke
Babywearing is serious business.

Cam Gigandet
See how babywearing brightens his complexion?

So, there you have it. Some fine examples of what babywearing can do for a man. There are many more out there, and I vow to keep searching until I find Hugh Jackman with a soft structured carrier, Robert Downey Jnr with a mei tai and Johnny Depp with a limited edition woven wrap. In the meantime, feel free to post pictures of your own babywearing heartthrobs in the comments.


  1. I think any man... looking after children or babies is attractive.. it's an instinctual thing that triggers in a woman...babywearing or not.

  2. With my hubbys firstborn (my #4) I personally got quite sick of seeing women drool all over my hubby when he wore our son as a baby in the Moby wrap at the mall. Seriously I loved seeing him tend to and wear our baby and he enjoyed it also and so now our son has a strong bond with us both. Just watch out for the puddles of drool. So next time youre at the mall and you see a 'Caution floor is wet' sign then you will know that my hubby has been there whilst wearing our baby.

  3. Fantastic, some of those guys really do need to improve their appeal... and babywearing is the fix! v funny , i love it.