Saturday, February 19, 2011

Babywearing Babies

We all know how babywearing allows parents and caregivers to get on with their everyday activities while comforting, interacting and bonding with their babies, but what about our kids? They're busy people, too. They have games to play and a whole world to explore, but they want to keep their favourite toys close. That's when they take a leaf out of our books and wear their babies.

I present Babywearing Wellington's younger generation demonstrating the latest in stylish and functional mini carriers.

14 month old Audrey is thrilled about the ease with which she can pop her "baby" in and out of her mini Moby.

2 year old railway tycoon, Leith, prefers a chic fringed woven wrap from his mother's wardrobe.

Very nearly 3 year old Lillan wears her doll in a beautiful mei tai made by her mum.

Gorgeous sisters Mia (6) and Evelyn (16 months) take their babies for a walk together in wraps coodinated with their outfits. Babywearing even leaves them free to hold hands.

19 month old Mika finds his short Storchenwiege Vicky wrap handy when he wants to take his teddy bear for a motorcycle ride. (Do not try this with a real baby, or a real motorbike!)

18 month old Natalie finds her linen blend woven wrap cool enough to carry a penguin in.

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  1. this totally made my heart smile. Too cute!